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Genesys Cloud CX


The Genesys Cloud CXTM platform makes interacting with prospects and customers simple. Built to handle any channel, Genesys Cloud CX can turn calls, email, chats, text messages and social comments into one seamless conversation ― all while empowering your teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX).

R-Commerce for Retail

R-Commerce Retail is an integrated  ERP System and a POS (Point of Sale) system, which connects back-end business operations with front-end retail transactions in a seamless fashion. By enabling the synchronization of sales data, inventory management, and consumer information in real-time, this integration furnishes organizations with a unified framework to optimize their operational procedures. R-ERP system ensures streamlined and precise customer transactions during the checkout process, whereas the ERP system manages complex organizational operations including purchasing, financial reporting, and supply chain coordination. This integrated configuration optimizes inventory management, minimizes redundant data entry, and strengthens overall decision-making through the provision of comprehensive insights pertaining to sales patterns, customer inclinations, and inventory quantities. Consequently, R-ERP helps organizations to enhance their operational effectiveness, curtail expenditures, and provide an exceptional customer experience.

  • Sales Management (including POS)

  • Purchase Management

  • Customer Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Accounts Management

R-Commerce - Restaurant 

R-Commerce Restaurant system is a comprehensive tool designed to optimize dining operations. It streamlines order management, sending requests directly to the kitchen, and supports easy menu customization for real-time updates. The system enhances table management, tracks reservations, and allows efficient table turnover. Integrated payment processing handles various methods, ensuring secure transactions. It also manages inventory in real-time, preventing shortages and reducing waste. Reporting tools provide insights into sales, popular items, and peak hours, aiding in data-driven decision-making. Employee management features track schedules and performance, while CRM capabilities enable personalized marketing and loyalty programs. Modern POS systems often integrate with online ordering and accounting software, creating a seamless operational ecosystem that enhances service efficiency and customer experience.

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