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CX Solution Implementation
Solution Maintenance
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Customer Experience (CX) Solution implementation

R-MAD offers a comprehensive suite of Implementation Services to plan, create and deploy the right solution for your environment.


Among the many services available, we offer the services of System Integration to provide customized product and serviceintegration to assist you in maximizing network performance and in complementing the goals and objectives of your IT, telephony and business units.

Solution Architecture

At R-MAD, we understand that even the most innovative solutions means nothing if they do not fit your unique environment.

  • Provide dedicated team of certified architects

  • Work with your IT & Business teamsConfigure a solution around your existing infrastructure

  • Design solution to meet your business objectives.

Implementation Management

Prior to deployment of customer interaction solutions, we will assign you a Solution Implementation Manager (SIM). This direct contact will work with you through every critical step of your implementation.

  • Planning

  • Installation

  • Integration

  • Check-ups

Expert Installation

Our Field Service Engineering team will handle every detail of your installation – ensuring a smooth and successful system deployment. These highly trained individuals are focused on the physical and functional implementation of your customer interaction solutions. Our qualified technicians are:

  • Available to fulfill your install, upgrade, or service event

  • Trained to work closely with your contact center's representatives, IT and Telephony departments

  • Work in orchestration with our Service ImplementationManagers and Solutions Architects

"We ensure that what you purchased is what we deliver." 

Solution Maintenance

R-MAD provides the following services for your Genesys Environment:

24X7 Maintenance

Since 2004 R-MAD has been providing 24X7 support to its clients.

  • Preventive services for your Genesys Environment;

    • Re-engineering

    • Refining

    • Repairing

  • Routine software maintenance services:

    • System performance check-ups

    • Testing

    • Repairs and similar activities

    • Preventive Testing

Software Development

R-MAD also has a very robust team of developers for application development in the arena of Customer Experience.