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Genesys is the global omnichannel customer experience and contact center solution leader. Ourcustomer experience platform and solutions help companies engage effortlessly with their customers, across all touchpoints, channels and interactions to deliver differentiated customer journeys, while maximizing revenue and loyalty.

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Easy to deploy, Easy to use

An intuitive interface enables fast account setup and seamless integration with existing systems. No complicated training needed.


The power to grow

The PureCloud platform gives you a flexible environment that instantly scales to meet peak demands. Meet evolving customer demands with continuous feature and capability updates.


Understand what’s happening

Interactive dashboards give you a consolidated view of customers, call center agents and interactions across all channels and locations. Reap the benefits of proactive contact center analytics and insights.


Manage your people and systems

The intuitive analytics in the PureCloud platform empower you with insights from high level summaries down to customized and detailed views. Leverage these tools to develop and make the most of each employee.

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PureEngage call center software combines real-time contextual journeys, world-class intelligent routing and digital transformation.

With robust, user-friendly tools, you can exceed customers’ expectations for personalized, seamless interactions across voice, video, chat, email, web, mobile, social, SMS and messaging channels.

Extensive customizability through open APIs and web standards enable you easily extend capabilities to deliver operational efficiencies and a superior customer experience company-wide.


R-MAD Products

RCCV - R-MAD Real Contact Center View
Features and Benefits

RCCV - the ultimate tool for monitoring your contact center.

  • Real-time visibility of Contact Centre Performance.

  • Instant access to the Contact Centre Operation Performance which help Contact Centre Manager to response fast to any type of situation. 

  • RCCV uses Genesys Platform SDK to communicate with Stat Server. 

  • WFM API For WFM Statistics.

  • RCCV display Genesys Real time Adherence of Genesys WFM schedule. 

  • Use of your existing  Genesys Administrator /Configuration Manager to configure RCCV.

R-MAD CIS - Campaign Callist Loader
Features and Benefits
  • Load  simultenously multiple Call-lists from different Data Sources ; File / Database

  • Import files from FTP/SCP or Window Directory

  • No Coding required to adapt different list format to match your call list

  • Remotely via simle Web services  Start/Stop your campaign from external applications